What People Are Saying About Sons of Wichita

“A straightforward, evenhanded and often riveting assessment.”

Kirkus Reviews

“…The book humanizes its subject in the way good biographies do.”

The Wall Street Journal

“In his rollicking and revealing new book, Schulman cuts through the fog of political warfare to uncover complicated lives of power, privilege, and politics.”

Christian Science Monitor

“Schulman’s book is fun as a classic American business clan story…. But Schulman’s careful research and excruciating commitment to fairness raise the effort to another level.”


“Schulman’s group portrait of the amazingly wealthy, strong-minded Koch brothers is a critical, but surprisingly nuanced tale of money and influence.”

– Publishers Weekly

Sons of Wichita…is never less than engrossing, a stylishly written saga that, as Bill Koch would put it, makes “Dallas and Dynasty look like a playpen.”

Vanity Fair.

“With incisive prose, Schulman deftly weaves the remarkable story of the origins of the Koch empire….”

The Washington Post.

“…It’s some combination of poignant and fun to get…a peek inside the life of a family whose misadventures have taken place against a lush backdrop of grand homes, yachts, priceless paintings, messy romances, private investigators and armored limousines.”

The New York Times Book Review

“…Despite Schulman’s often-superb eye for the revealing and/or juicy detail, not to mention his lefty credentials as a writer for Mother Jones, he never stoops to caricaturing his subjects as the Koch Ness Monsters of popular lore.”

The American Prospect

“Compulsively readable…. A bias-free book that illuminates two of the most influential figures on the American landscape while telling a remarkable, if cautionary, tale about money, power, and the bonds of brotherhood.”


“If you care about politics and the ultimately far more powerful cultural direction of these United States,…Sons of Wichita: How the Koch Brothers Became America’s Most Powerful and Private Dynasty is mandatory reading.”

The Daily Beast

“…A painstakingly researched and even-handed tome about the Koch family dynasty.”

Yahoo News

“Schulman shatters the myth and drills down to the reality, hitting paydirt all along the way.”

The American Conservative